Thursday, March 1, 2018

I am beyond excited to start my month-long writing challenge today, participating in The Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC).

I discovered this concept when I stumbled upon TWTs blog last year.  Unfortunately, being the end of March, it was too late to participate.

Fast forward to today – this is my first official “slice” of the challenge for me.

What makes this most enriching is that I am having my students participate in the classroom version of the challenge.  For this academic year, I decided to abandon my go-to personal narrative writing unit and replace it with the SOLSC.  Introducing the challenge to my students yesterday pumped me up so much, and my students’ positive reactions and enthusiasm makes me so validated that I made the right decision to incorporate the SOLSC into my classroom.

Seeing my students writing feverishly right away this morning gave me such joy.  Not to mention that having the excuse to sit down and write for my own sake makes me want to burst into happy tears.

10 thoughts on “Thursday, March 1, 2018

  1. Welcome to the challenge! I’m super impressed your students are joining in also! In my teaching days, I never thought about it being the personal narrative unit. I wish I would have.

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    • Hello – yes, it was one of those light bulbs that went off while driving to work the other day. I knew that I had to fit in the personal narrative skills prior to the state tests, and what better way to do so than by encouraging my students to slice. Happy writing to you!

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  2. Your post brings back happy memories of writing slices with my students in March. It was sacred time in our classroom. I jumped into blogging for SOL because of my student’s encouragement.

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    • Yes, Ramona, today my classroom embodied a different energy. My students did not falter with their concentration, so I can only hope that their attentiveness and enthusiasm continues with this challenge. I am equally excited to sit beside them and blog for this SOL challenge.


  3. Welcome! So exciting to connect with you –thanks for letting me know we met a York. It is great that you are doing this with your class. I look forward to following your journey this month.


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