March 20, 2018

After a night class last night, I crawled into my bed slowly, collapsing onto my pillow and wrapping up into my blanket.

My husband had both of our children in my daughter’s bed, “reading” with them.  My daughter chose her Frozen Look-and-Find book.

Listening to their hunting adventures and laughter with my husband made my heart feel so full! At one point, I remember closing my eyes and saying a quick thank-you in my head for the blessing of my little family.

After they finished, my husband stayed in with my daughter as she fell asleep, something he has continued to do every night since she was a baby.

And, my baby boy pitter-pattered down the hallway to where I was, climbing up into my bed, grabbing a lock of my hair, and resting his eyes right away.

It was at this point that I breathed my relaxing sigh, falling asleep myself.

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