March 6, 2019

It just isn’t the same.

The “good ones” have left or are about to leave.

Our child care center, which we have faithfully frequented since our oldest, who is six now, was six months old, is going through quite a change in dynamics.

While most of the change is personnel-related, these changes affect my family, too.

At what point do you just step back or hold on, hoping that the new teachers will be just as good as the ones before them?

I’ve pondered this very question on repeat for the last 24 hours, since I heard the whispers of change.

Since our oldest is school-age, we only have a year of Pre-K left with our son at this particular center. It is his crucial year.

In order to quiet my mind, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to put my faith in prayer and close the door on my worrying.

It will all work out…right?

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