April 10, 2018

My students started our state-mandated testing today.

We have mandates, guidelines, rules, etc. etc. that we have to follow.  Not only does it get me cranked up, but it gets the students cranked up, too.

I am to the point where I am a bit paranoid on testing days because I want to make sure that I am following all of the protocol points and also making sure to not forget to do anything.  I double – sometimes triple – check myself.

And why is this? I have been doing this teaching gig for ten years now. I know what to do, however, when state testing rolls around, I feel like a newbie. Is it the break in routine? Is it the pressure that I put on myself for no reason? Is it all the hype that my building puts on these tests? Is it my way of not feeling in control?

Whatever the answer may be, I am not sure that I wish to find it out, truthfully. If I feel this way, do my students feel this way, too? Are they catching any of this “nervous-Nellie” energy from their off-kiltered English teacher?

Oh man, I hope not – I didn’t even think of that!


April 3, 2018

It was a rough morning earlier.

After sleeping in past 8 AM for the last four days, having to wake before the sun had risen was not an easy task.

Graciously, my husband set both my alarm and his alarm so that I would not oversleep.

Hitting “snooze” on both alarms did not help whatsoever.

Thankfully, both of our children woke up and got ready for their school day without any tantrums, meltdowns, or aversions. Did they know that Mommy was not ready to adult today?

Showering with one eye open, I muscled my way through my morning routine. My husband got both kids coat-ed and shoe-d up, putting them in their carseats.

I kissed my husband goodbye, flew out the door, and made it to work with a few minutes to spare.

The day back after a little break is never any easier than the others before it.

March 31, 2018

I did it.  I succeeded in this writing challenge.  I have never participated in a writing challenge before, and now I am writing the final entry in this first challenge of which I have accepted to participate.

I realize how much I love to write, something that I have always known about myself.  However, I have realized that I can write in smaller increments, such as with “slicing.”  While I would love to sit and write a larger piece some day, I am content with doing blog entries on Tuesdays for the rest of the year.

I am beyond happy to call myself a Slice of Life writer for March of 2018.  To all of my fellow writers who also accepted this challenge, bravo!  Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with me, no matter where you are around the world!

March 30, 2018

I have been traveling up to my Gram’s house since I was an infant.  We take the same 200-and-some-mile route each time that we go to visit.

Today, upon making our trek up North, my daughter announced that she “had to go” just minutes after we stopped for lunch.

The last leg of the trip is the boring part because we have to travel up through the mountains.  Up and down, up and down.  Therefore, finding a place for a restroom is few and far between.

My husband suggested that I pull off at the next exit, where there was a gas station and a local restaurant.

Upon stopping at the end of the exit ramp, an exit that we had never taken before, we noticed a little country store that looked welcoming and, more importantly, clean.

So, we took our kids into the place, and it was the quaintest little store! The store had a ton of homemade treats, candies, crafts and decorations, camping supplies, toys, novelty items, a deli, food, and much more.

Our daughter found the bathroom, and our son found a John Deere tractor toy.

Needless to say, I think we found a new excuse to stop midway through the mountains.


March 29, 2018

I had to get in to work a bit earlier this morning for an emergency meeting.

Our principal wanted to talk to us about an important matter.

On days when I have to get out of the house earlier than usual, I don’t always get to see my kids, who are usually still sleeping if I leave early.

After the meeting, I went to put my cell phone on silent for the day.  As I was doing so, my husband’s number flashed across the screen.

I answered it quickly before my homeroom students arrived.  I heard one of my children screaming in the background of my husband’s call.

“What’s wrong?” I panicked to my husband.

Apparently, our daughter was in meltdown mode because my husband was not going to allow her to wear her favorite Descendants nightgown to school for her special “PJ Day.” This is not a hill I would have died on, but I am not him.  I told him that she would be fine wearing it with leggings underneath.  When my husband relayed that information to our daughter, her tantrum ceased immediately.

Moments later, my phone flashed my husband’s number again. I heard my son crying because he wanted to wear his jammies to school, too, of course, because Sissy was.

“Just let him do so,” I encouraged.

Through the FaceTime call that my husband, my son’s crying stopped when he saw Mommy and heard my voice.

Needless to say, I think mornings are smoother for the kids and for my husband when Mommy does not have to break the routine and go in to work earlier than normal!

March 28, 2018

Well, the dryer broke.

I went to do laundry last night after putting it off for a couple days, piling the dirty clothes higher and higher.

As I went to pull the towels out of the dryer to switch over the next load of clothes, I discovered that the towels were soaking wet.  I hit the start button on the dryer, but it would not start.

To make a long story short, my husband and I are trying to get the year-old dryer repaired.

In the meantime, we have bagged up the wet laundry and the other remaining piles. Currently, I am sitting at my sister’s house, with seven trash bags of laundry, washing and drying each pile, one after another.

I should be in my classroom right now. However, when I arrived at work, my son’s daycare teacher phoned to tell me that my son was sick. My assistant principal got me coverage, and I left to go take care of my son. I picked him up, stopped by the house for the laundry, and headed to my sister’s house.

When it rains, it pours?

March 27, 2018

At the end of my day, a teacher dropped off a student’s writing piece.

The teacher had students do some enrichment writing, on which they had to describe a room that made them feel comfortable at school.

One of my students chose to write about my classroom.

I was stunned.

The way that the student perceives my classroom is not how I see it. However, my opinion comes secondary to my students’ perceptions.

I aim to create a learning environment where students feel safe and welcomed. Now I know that I have succeeded because at least one student feels this way. I wonder if (and hope so!) more students feel this way, too?

March 26, 2018

I took my little girl to her ballet lesson tonight.

Afterwards, she and I ate at one of our favorites, Chic Fil A.

After she housed her nugget meal, we went over to the store to pick out her Easter treats for her classmates and those for her brother’s class.

Having been an only child for the first two and a half years of her life, I know that she relishes when she gets to be with Mommy by herself.

For her, she enjoys being in Mommy’s attention limelight once in a while.

But we both agreed that we missed having brother and Daddy there with us!

March 25, 2018

Today was Palm Sunday’s mass.

Father’s homily said that “passion” derived from the Latin language, meaning love.

Therefore, he encouraged, we should try to do things out of love for someone else in our immediate family, namely to think of something positive about the person and tell them something kind.

So, this is going to be my focus going into the Easter week: to spread love by seeing the positivity in others and by intentionally being kind to all around me.